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Total Endovenous Laser Ablation of your varicose veins

Can be done in 4 days vacation in FRANCE with Docteur PRÜFER Michaël.

Doctor Michaël Prüfer proposes in FRANCE, during 4 days vacation :

The treatment of your varicose veins with his TEVLA technique

TVLA : Total Endovenous Laser Ablation (no surgery).
In Centre Médical Vasculaire des Alpes https://www.laser-endoveineux.fr/

                                                                                         You have to spend 4 days in the nice town of Aix les Bains.

                  • Day 1 : Echo-Doppler (40 min) and free day.
                  • Day 2 : Cutaneous marking of your varicose vein (2h) and free day.
                  • Day 3 : Total Endovenous Laser Ablation (2h) and free day.
                  • Day 4 : Control of the treatement (30 min) and free day.

The price of the Laser treatment dépends of your varicose veins :

Ask for a quotation.

During this days, enjoy our beautiful region and relax.
In Aix les Bains before and after your treatment you can do whatever you want : Cuise on the lake, Casino, Golf, Hippodrome, Museum, Mont Revard, or flight over or all around the Mont Blanc with small airplane.

Booking : docteur.prufer@orange.fr

Doctor Michaël PRÜFER

Private planes for Aix les Bains airport  from evrywhere in Europe, North Africa or Middle East