Total EndoVenous Laser Ablation

of your varicose veins


Can be done in 4 days vacation in FRANCE


Docteur PRÜFER Michaël


Doctor Michaël Prüfer proposes in FRANCE, during 4 days vacation :

The treatment of your varicose veins with : Total EVLA

Total Endovenous Laser Ablation with multi-access, (no surgery).
In Centre Médical Vasculaire des Alpes


You have to spend 4 days in the nice town of Aix les Bains.
Day 1 : Echo-Doppler (40 min) and free day.

Day 2 : Cutaneous marking of your varicose vein (2h) and free day.

Day 3 : Total Endovenous Laser Ablation (2h) and free day.
Day 4 : Control of the treatement (30 min) and free day.

The price of the Laser treatment dépends of your varicose veins :

Ask for a quotation.


During this days, enjoy our beautiful region and relax.
In Aix les Bains before and after your treatment you can do whatever you want : Cuise on the lake, Casino, Golf, Hippodrome, Museum, Mont Revard, or flight over or all around the Mont Blanc with small airplane.


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Doctor Michaël PRÜFER

Specific operating rooms for Total EndoVenous Laser Ablation


Just after the Total EndoVenous Laser Ablation


Before Laser                               After Laser


4 Star Hôtel of Aix les Bains


Cuise on the lake of Aix les Bains


Flight all around the Mont Blanc


Casino of Aix les Bains


Golf of Aix les Bains


Hippodrome of Aix les Bains 


Tennis of Aix les Bains


Museum FAURE (Rodin) of Aix les Bains


Private planes for Aix les Bains airport

from evrywhere in Europe, North Africa or Middle East



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 Centre Médical

Vasculaire des Alpes


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